Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 1.... plus how to pretend you're studying for an exam

Yay, today started with a bang - I had Stu take my measurements and my before photo which also managed to feature the lovely Murphy Brown (right).

I toddled off to the gym and did the intermediate gym machine workout - sweated lots and even did the stretches afterwards which is something I never did before.

Then back into the real world, cramming for this exam... well I haven't done that much of the study so will be in real strife for the exam tomorrow morning. But, the worst thing that can happen is I have to redo the subject - not exactly life threatening.

I have been checking the 12wbt forums with ferocious intensity, reading them and wishing everyone well.

Tomorrow, I have my exam at 8.30am, then a physio appointment at 12.40, then a training session with Antony the Super Trainer at 4pm. In between that, I'm going to start studying for my other exam on Saturday and watch a little tv! yay!

Chat to you all tomorrow


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